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Monday, July 27, 2009

a beautiful SUNDAY♥

on our way to the church, close-open Bianca.

i was supposed to post this last week, i saved it on my drafts telling myself that i will post this after i have convinced myself that it is worth publishing. anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. just read. haha:D

it was actually as mundane as any other Sunday. i realized that we haven't been attending the mass for like 3 weeks or less. I felt guilty. so since I wouldn't be doing much that day, we decided to go to the mass. on our way to the church, my baby tried so hard to get my attention so that she could show me her hands, she's doing "close-open". Shes been doing that ever since she was in her sixth month, so ok, I tried to look at her but you know, i wasn't so astonished as before, it was ordinary for me to see her doing that.

Inside the church, she kept quiet for a moment. but you know how kids are, she grew impatient so we had no choice but to let her stay out of the church for a while, and then she slept.

The priest started delivering the homily, the main focus was how people are being selfish nowadays. Selflessness is so overshadowed by our desire to reach the top. Its true, i must admit i sometimes feel that too. so he went on and on telling us how we should share what we have and just set aside egocentricity.

so here comes the funny part, the priest ended his homily by relating how kids learn the concept of giving and receiving. He asked what is the first game or trick that we usually teach our kids, there were different responses which werent so clear for me to hear. then the priest finally said, "sino bang hindi natuto ng CLOSE-OPEN? it's as simple as that, pag sinasara naten ang kamay naten, yun ang pagtanggap. at pag inoopen, yun naman ang pagbigay. so kapag nakikita naten ang mga bata na ginagawa yun, we are reminded on how giving and receiving come hand in hand. kaya nga CLOSE OPEN, hindi naman pwedeng puro CLOSE lang dba?"

wow, I was smiling until the end of the mass. I thought of how ironical and amazing it is at the same time. I thought of how great and smart God was, how he makes use of the children to put the old ones back on track. haha. galing galing.

moral of the story?
Sometimes the most important lessons in life are not learned by children from the elders, every so often, its the other way around.

and yes, it's a very beautiful Sunday.


Friday, July 24, 2009

My not so FORMAL introduction.♥

yeay! so here comes the end of the week! =D

it feels good to get atleast 8 hours of sleep. lol.

i havent been paying much attention to this blog.its quite obvious naman, its been like 3 wks before i finally came up with my 2nd post! haha.

my apologies to my very endearing clinical chemistry professor. mam Gie! well, this very witty professor of mine inspired me and patiently taught me how to create a blog. she's been reminding me to write a post ever since. so now here it is! my second post.

im aiko/aix
i am a singer! LOL

100% LOVED.


Ghost of Girlfriends Past
Legally Blonde
if Only
My Sister's Keeper
and a whole lot more.♥

and a whole lot more.♥

i am extremely HARDHEADED! ツ

ok. so im running out of words na. haha. =D
that's all for now. ツ



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my first ever post!

welcome to my page! ill be writing something tonight. this is only a test post. see yah!